Classic beauty treatments: What’s the real score?

popping-a-zitGrandma and mom might have taught us to use them or you have been used to relying on some products for your beauty regimen, but what can be the real scoop behind them?

Milk of Magnesia for oily skin

In case you have been struggling with oily skin, you might just need some minty-fresh treatment mask using milk of magnesia. It is believed to suck out all the oil from your pores. According to experts, this actually works since it has an ingredient that can absorb oil and help the skin to tighten. All you need to do is apply it to your skin and just let it dry for around 15 minutes It may be gross, but it works.

Avocado and olive oil for frizzy hair

If you are dreaming of long, shiny, smooth hair, you might want to try the good old blend of olive oil and mashed avocado before spending a lot of money on other treatments. Apply the concoction to your wet hair and let it sit there for around 20 minutes. Shampoo and use conditioner after and you will have some locks that looks a lot better.

Lemon for dull skin

If you have been missing hours of sleep, your skin might be feeling it. It can go dull and gray. Did you know that you can actually use some lemon juice to give it some luster? According to experts, this can actually work since lemon is acidic and can be a good toner to help brighten your skin. Just remember to wash it off after 10 minutes so it will not dry your skin.

Neosporin for popped zits

You might also be guilty of popping zits accidentally or intentionally. And weren’t you told that you can put some Neosporin and cover it with some Band-Aid? The antibiotic properties of the ointment can actually help disinfect the pimple, and the bandage keeping the ointment off your pillow.

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