Tips on how to find the right winter coat for you

coatYou might have taken out your winter stuff out of the drawer but for those who still needs to do some shopping for winter clothes, particularly for winter coats, this post is perfect for you. The cold, freezer weather makes it hard for a lot of people to blend fashion with function. Here are some winter fashion tips for you when you look for your winter coat:


Avoid getting coats made from acrylic or polyester since they will not keep you warm. Instead go for cashmere and wool to fight the fangs of winter. Cashmere may cost more and less durable but it is a lot better than any man-made fiber.


If you will be using it when you go to work or when you go out at night, you can go for double-breasted winter coats that cinched a bit on the waist. This will give it a more elegant and fitted look.

In case you are the type who layers scarves, blazers, and sweaters, you can get a coat with some more breathing space. Wear the sweater and the blazer when you shop for your winter coat. You can go for parka, oversized, duffle, or swing styles.


Lastly, if you are the type who spends a lot of time outdoors or love to go out in the mornings just as icicles form on whatever they can cling to, you may want a down-filled coat. It will hug your body nicely and provide the warmth you need while outside. It will be best to have a down-filled and then another wool coat option.

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