Fashion tips: What to wear this winter

Look cool in the cold weather with these winter style tips:

Tuxedo Jacket

A lot of women are a bit uncomfortable to wear a dress during the cold nights of winter, but this should not hinder you from donning a hot getup. Jessica Alba is naturally hot but has also proven that a simple white, slim cut jacket can really be seductive.

Fur Collar

If fur is your thing (I am okay with it as long as its faux), you can don a fur collar or scarf over your jacket or coat, and you can instantly make the overall look very stylish just like what pop icon Rihanna did with her shirt, jeans, and jacket ensemble.

Statement Coat

It will not matter what you are wearing under a great looking coat. Invest in one and you can never go wrong. Just look for a coat embellished with some gems or something with a cool pattern. This is how Olivia Wilde achieved an elegant look during an event.

Mixing Colors

Leighton Meester of Gossip Girls wore on the set a printed coat in orange and mixed it with a blue cap. You can combine different hues that may clash but produce a quirky cute look.

Hot Red

If you want to add a good color to your current wardrobe this season, go for red. Eve on the picture above has it in red crimson.

Textured Black

If you want to go black on black on black, take the hint from Diane Kruger wearing the non-color pieces from top to bottom. Just make sure you have the proper textures to mix and matchlike some in feather, fur, or braiding. This will help avoid the flat look.

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