Hot Holiday Fashions for New Year’s: 2

animal-print-2Ready for some more hot New Year’s fashions? Well, for one thing, we have the titillating, mysterious combination of black with purple. These two colors are notoriously fantastic for night time events because they give one the air of an enigma.

The only key is to be careful about combining your colors. Your shoes, dress, and bag should not all be purple; make sure the black balances.

Another hot trend involves shoes. Specifically, animal boots and booties are so hot they almost spark! Stella McCartney knows how to work this trend, as you can see here.

Now, in general, these shoes should only be worn with shorter outfits — short skirts or dresses, minis, et cetera. The hem should fall above the knee. Sweater dresses in particular look good with these animalistic booties!

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