Cremation Jewelry: It’s Brand New In Jewelry!

Cremation JewelryHave you ever heard of something called cremation jewelry?  Most people haven’t to be honest, but it is actually a growing fashion trend right now and I personally think that it is definitely one trend that I am into.  When both of my grandparents died, what I did was I actually got a little keepsake necklace that had their ashes into it.

While at the time, I did not know that other people are doing it, nor did I know that there are actually different styles out there but apparently, I was already in fashion even when I wasn’t really thinking about it.

Cremation Jewelry is actually booming right now and there are tons of different styles and looks out there for you to choose from – you just have to find the one that suits you.

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  1. Sandra Says:

    Crazy but okay, if people like it :-)

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