Katie Holmes: She’s In On The Sheer Trend!

Katie Holmes wears the sheer trendWe all know that Katie Holmes is one of those chicks that keeps up on the ever-changing and ever-growing fashion trends.  She actually went from the layered bob trend, to the pixie crop hair trends and finally – finally she has slipped herself into the sheer trend.  Her hair is back too, which for the wintertime, this is perfect.

The sheer trend started last year and it seems to be dipping into the celebrity pit a little deeper and Katie Holmes is just the beginning.  This is definitely a trend that I don’t see going away anytime soon either – especially since our dear Ms. Holmes is wearing it out now.

If you have been trying to work sheer into your style, you could do something like Katie Holmes – just a tank top under a sheer shirt.  It looks great and works!

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