Isabeli Fontana: Tribal For Vogue Paris

Isabeli FontanaLet’s have a little talk about one of the newest and I think the best trends that seem to be blooming right now.  Isabeli Fontana actually started it when she appeared for Vogue in full out tribal wear, but really – this trend is going to keep growing and changing just like the feather trend.  Right now though, it is all about editorials and this time, Isabeli Fontana is appearing this way for Vogue Paris.

This little picture is actually just a sneak-peak into the future for it is going to be featured in the November 2009 issue.  Isabeli Fontana is a model that has been extremely wanted by many different magazines and I have to say that I personally love her.

I think that she looks fantastic on this particular set and I love the feathered headpiece as well as the jewelry that was placed on her.

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