Makeup Tips for the Holiday Season: Drinks with Friends

makeupThe holiday season is coming up quickly, which means that most of us will be attending tons of events. The immediate thought is to dress up to the nines no matter what the activity, but that is not always necessary. For instance, let’s focus on drinks or dinner with friends, which happens frequently during the holidays.

What you want to do here is go with a light touch. If the environment is casual, you should be casual too — it will give you more of an opportunity to let your true self shine through.

Pretty, sheer pink eye shadow is a great idea here, especially if it is a cream shadow. Blush should be pink as well, a creamy, sheer matte. Mascara should be deep brown or black, but just go with one coat.

Last but not least, let your lips glow with a sheer golden gloss.

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