The Hottest Hairdos for 2009: The Bob

asymmetrical-bobWhen you are talking about the hottest hairstyles of this year, there is no question that the bob makes it to the top of the list. Indeed, the bob in some form or fashion may be the hottest hairstyle of the year.

For instance, precision cut bobs have been hugely popular this year, especially when the cut is combined with sleek, smooth styling and a blunt fringe. Bobs should be — and, fortunately, can be — structured so that they accentuate your personal facial structure.

The bob style is versatile, since it can range in length. Some are ear level, some skim the shoulders, and then, of course, there is the asymmetrical bob, made popular by Victoria Beckham. It has evolved into a life of its own, however, with tons of gorgeous variations.

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