Uggs? Ugh: The Airwalk Knockoff

airwalkI recently had a conversation with my soon to be sister in law. I wish that I had not.

I love this girl, I really do, and I respect her sense of style and her fashion aesthetic — she rocks this laid back, casual, neo hippie kind of thing. But she just opened up my greatest fears.

I hate Uggs. I hate them with a passion, and I was so glad when they finally started falling out of fashion.


I frequent Payless. I am a shoe ho on a budget, what can I say? DSW is out of my league most of the time, I have refused to set foot in Journey’s since I was in high school, you do the math.

And in their unfailing desire to copy every shoe trend ever, Airwalk strikes again. It was bad enough when they started copying Chuck Taylors — I like Chucks, I was just about willing to give the Airwalk version a try.

But knockoff Uggs? Really? And sis wants to buy a pair. People are doing this. They are perpetuating the menace.


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