The Next Word in Jewelry for this Fall

necklaceFashion simply is not fashion without the accessories, and Phashion would not be Phashion if we did not take the time to tell you what to expect in the way of jewelry trends in the coming months of fall and winter.

Right now, it looks like necklaces will provide the centerpieces of most jewelry collections. Accentuating your neck line is what it is all about this fall.

Specifically, bib necklaces like the one featured here are the way to go, specifically because they are so bold and attention grabbing.

Flowers are another upcoming jewelry trend. Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces — if it is floral, then it is fabulous. This is also a great way to keep some spring and summer brightness during the grey months of the coming winter.

As well, rhinestones, studs, chains, metals, and lots of silver for a rock and roll look will do you well!

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