Lily Allen Topless For GQ: October 2009 Issue!

Lily AllenLately – lately all I have heard about is Lily Allen and what this chick is up to!  I have heard about her shifting her hair, her modeling career in general and just how little clothing she has been wearing lately.  Finally, I am going to vent a little bit and actually post something about her because why not?  She is all over every other fashion blog, why not mine?

Lily Allen is one of those models that everyone in the world seems to want and while that is a good thing most of the time, she is also one girl that has been all over the board!  She was an ungainly teenager in big – big hoop earrings all the way to posing for GQ now … topless.  For all of you guys that absolutely love this model, she is going to be pretty much naked in GQ in October.

She has also cemented her place in GQ’s hall of fame by being name Woman of the Year – big surprise right?

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  1. webcamportal Says:

    She looks gorgeous. I love the confidence, and the boobs!

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