Cushnie et Ochs Spring 2010 Collection: Think Spring!

Cushnie et Ochs Fall is finally upon us – after all, Labor Day has passed and the kids are back in school and finally, I am pulling that comforter from the closet and making sure that it is on my bed.  The days are getting colder and slowly but surely – the fashion is creeping into the fall and winter collections.  Not Cushnie et Ochs though, this is one major brand that is still thinking about 2010 Spring fashion trends.

The Cushnie et Ochs brand itself is a label for women that are looking for fashion that has a sexual nature behind it.  It is for women that are looking to blur the line between sophisticated and sexy – what line?  It is also a line that combines sheer fabric with solids and they all look beautiful!

To be honest, I think that Cushnie et Ochs is a brand that is going to be very, very popular in 2010 – just watch and wait!

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