Wolford Back-Seam Stockings: You Will Love Them!

Wolford Back-Seam StockingsWhen I think about lingerie being worn as outerwear, I think that it is an awesome trend – that seriously rocks.  This is especially true in Germany, where, wearing your lingerie as your outerwear is very in right now.  Take these stockings for example.  When you have a back seam that is that beautiful and interesting, you definitely can not hide it behind a pair of jeans or a skirt – right?  I wouldn’t think so!

Wolford is the designer behind these beautiful stockings and I think that this particular designer/brand really knows how to work this particular trend right.  The stockings themselves are something that look awesome when they are on … and truly, it looks like you have some hands holding some string on your skin, which is the whole point!

Wolford is the leader for stocking-wear and I think that this pair of stockings is just the beginning!

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