Attack of the Shoulder Pads!

daniellesteelMuch to the dismay of fashionistas all over the world, 80s style has been coming back with a vengeance.  Leggings are everywhere — and sorry, folks, but even when I wore those in third grade, they weren’t the coolest things ever.  We thought they were, but we thought layering slouch socks over them was cool too, and guess what?  It wasn’t.

I keep waiting for leg warmers and aerobics wear to make a comeback as well, ala that atrocious Olivia Newton-John video for “Physical.”  And I think that time is drawing well nigh, because look what we spotted here.

Very immense shoulder pads.  Seriously, it looks like she is actually wearing football pads under her jacket.  And why would anyone want to do that?

Because they are trying to make my eyes bleed, that’s why.  Maybe that’s egocentric, but that is my take on the matter because shoulder pads are AWFUL.

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