Lily Allen: She’s Making The Spotlight!

Lily Allen

Lily Allen is one of those models that I love and hate at the same time – while she is one of the prettiest models I think in the world, she is one of those models that I think loves the spotlight too much. 

She is now making her own jewelry and she is looking to truly get her face in the spotlight every single chance that she can get – take this Chanel photo shoot for instance.  Now, this particular photo shoot was designed by Karl Lagerfeld and this is actually the new ad for the latest purses by Chanel.

Lily Allen looks to be portraying the late Holly Go-lightly and while I love Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I think that Lily Allen is not doing the greatest job here channeling her own Hepburn.  The bags look fantastic though and that is the point right?

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