Women’s Leather Trend 2010: For Winter!


It seems that when you talk about fashion right now, it is all about colors and all about the breezy and flowing fabrics – however, come 2010, it is all about the hard-edges and leather fabrics in clothing styles.  It is no great secret that the leather jacket is actually something that has become like a best friend in the wintertime; however, there are many different ways that leather seems to be peeking into the fashion world and down the runway for 2010.

Take these three looks you know – the leather pants is the first one and while I am not a fan of leather pants for the wintertime, I am certainly a fan of leather itself.  The middle picture is a leather skirt, gloves, boots and jacket – and hat.  To me, that is too much leather but to this designer, it’s not enough!

Finally, the last look is more futuristic in its look as the top is leather and the bottom is fabric.  All together – it looks weird, but who am I to judge it?  After all – I don’t even like leather unless it is shoes really!

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