Where Have All the Eyebrows Gone?

no-eyebrowsIn discussing fashion — or phashion, as it were — you can never go too long without discussing the latest trends, whether they involve clothing or cosmetics … or cosmetic techniques.

Now, my lovely little fashionistas, I want you to take a look at the picture to your right.  No, my dears, that is in fact not Marilyn Manson.  Nor is it an updated version of the Mona Lisa.

It is one of the many, many … many, many models joining the current trend involving eyebrows — or, rather, an unseemly, disturbing lack of eyebrows.

I confess, I obsess over eyebrows; I have since the very first time I got mine — wince — waxed.  I obsess over their size, their shape, their thickness … and now I am obsessing over their very existence.  Have I often fantasized about just shaving all my eyebrows off and drawing them in the way I want them?  Would I ever do it?  Not unless it involved a money bet with lots of zeros.  No way, no how, kids — and so, I really do not like this new look.  More than anything, I hope it stays on the runway and does not come catwalking off into daily life.

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