Fashion Cake or Pastry Flub?

chandelier-cakeToday, we are not going to be talking about fashion as it applies to clothing; we are going to be talking about fashion — or, rather, a complete lack thereof — as it applies to cakes.  Fashionable cakes are becoming quite the rage, for everything from weddings to birthdays to bridal and baby showers.  Part of their growing popularity can be traced to the abundance of cake based reality shows on TV these days — Amazing Wedding Cakes, Ace of Cakes, the Cake Boss, and so on.

Well, recently on Amazing Wedding Cakes, the girls behind Cake Alchemy decided to put together what they called a chandelier wedding cake for an expo in New York City.

And it is the most hideous monstrosity I have ever seen.

In theory, yes, it is spectacular, what with all the intricately blown sugar designs and all of that.  But a., may I be struck dead if I ever see a chandelier like that, and b., may I then be struck dead again.  I love Cake Alchemy, so it pains me not to love this take.  Just remember, pastry fashion is like any other fashion: do it because it looks good, not because someone tells you it’s stylish.

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  1. Jenny Says:

    Whereas I agree that the cake is ugly, it’s not just a chandelier cake, but a cake modeled on a Chihuly chandelier, which it really looks remarkably like.

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