1940s/1950s Hairstyle Inspiration: It’s One Hot Trend!

1940s/1950s HairstyleIf there is one hair trend that is constantly popping up in the fashion industry, it is going to be the classic 40’s and 50’s hairstyles.  These particular hairstyles are definitely something that is so beautiful and so near and dear to my hair.

It does not matter which particular hairstyle that you choose from the forties and fifties, however, I love these two in particular.  While I think the one on the left is a little bit older than the one on the right, you can see that on the runway, these hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular.

Do you know what else from the forties and fifties are becoming popular?  Those little hair accessories that include feathers on them or even the veils that just go over the forehead; they are so popular right now in weddings, it truly is crazy!

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