Evil Twin: It’s One Rockin’ Collection!

evil-twinI am a sucker for American Apparel that is all about the rocking chicks.  To be honest, I think that Alexander Wang actually has taken himself to the next level with his newest collection named Evil Twin.  The Evil Twin label is set to strike it huge in Australia and while it might not be in the states yet, it is absolutely going to make its way over here.  The pieces of this particular label are oh-so-now and they are extremely affordable and accessible. 

As far as what exactly the Evil Twin label is all about, you will see a lot of ripped up denim boyfriend shorts, along with a few cutaway dresses and a lot of oversized tee-dresses that are made to just be thrown on effortlessly and that you can really wear in any situation at all. 

Personally, I think that this particular line is going to go hella far – everything looks fantastic and it should really appeal to the grunge look that everyone loves!

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