It’s All about the Shoes!

christian-louboutin-platform-pumpShoes, shoes, shoes — it’s all about the shoes! As with your hair, there is just no way you can go out feeling like a true Phashionista without the perfect pair of shoes, so we are going to talk about what kinds of shoes are in this summer.

First of all, as we have seen here before, shoes with details are all the rage. You cannot go wrong with a little glam on your feet. Fringe, beads, flower detailing — anything like that is going to work for you.

Platforms are coming back as well, believe it or not. They are definitely bold and will call loads of positive attention both to your feet and to your overall ensemble.

Peep toe shoes are another must have this summer. They can keep you from feeling back about your toes if you have not managed a pedicure in a while.

Sling backs are always sexy, and never more so than they are this season. However, make sure you have the heels to carry them!

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