Out in the Buff: Natural Makeup

nude-makeupFor most of us, the prospect of going out of the house nude is not a savory one — even if only our faces are naked of makeup!  But honestly, ladies, you can get away with it in the coming seasons, because the natural look is totally in again.  Now, it is not in all the time, so do not worry about tossing out all of your makeup just yet.

Still, you no longer have to fear going out with your face made up to perfection — you can be a little more comfortable, a little more natural.  A light, airy foundation or even simply some powder.  Some light mascara if you like — or leave it off if you so choose.  You can gloss your lips with something clear or with a light, peachy color — which also looks great as a blush, if you want some highlights.  The point is, do not be afraid to show your freckles or anything — you will still look stunning.

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