Nails, Nails, Nails: The Latest in Fingernail Accessories

nailsThere is something that we girls sometimes take for granted.  This particular Phashion diva did so until recently, because she finally stopped biting her fingernails … after about twenty years of doing it!  Yes, we are talking about fingernails, today.  Just like your makeup, your jewelry, and your hair, your fingernails can be used to highlight and complement your look.

This season, it is getting lots fancier.  We are beginning to get away from the natural look with our fingernails, so for the time being, a little buff and gloss is not really going to cut it — although that will work quite nicely on your lips, as you will see later this week.

No, be bold with your fingernails.  That does not necessarily mean turning to acrylics or getting your manicurist to design some works of art that would make Da Vinci proud on your nails — but go right ahead, if doing those things would strike your fancy!

Just painting your nails in a bold purple or daring red will do the trick just as well.  Just remember to take care of your nails!

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