Exploring Vaudeville with Ann Demuelemeester

ann-demuelemeesterDepression Chic and designers like Alberta Ferretti are not the only ones featuring trends, with a modern twist, of decades gone by.  All the little fashionistas around the world know that they can look to designers like Ann Demuelemeester to see the latest, most cutting edge fashion.  Like Alexander McQueen, she is eclectic, innovative, and truly avant garde.  She is original and unfailingly has her finger on the pulse of tomorrow’s whims and the future’s trends.  She could, perhaps should, in fact, be considered a trend setter.

For instance, it will be a surprise if her Vaudeville inspired version of the little black dress does not become the new trend on upscale cocktail parties and even younger red carpet functions.

It is not quite like a flapper dress, though some of the inspirations are clearly the same.  The drop waist, however, is part of a subtly different era, and is more classic than ostentatiously glamorous.

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