Fabulous Flapper Fashions for Summer

alberta-ferrettiThey say if you wait a few decades — sometimes it only takes two, sometimes it takes five, sometimes it even takes as many as eight decades — every trend will come back in style.  Sadly, it seems like some of the less fortunate trends (shoulder pads and leg warmers, anyone?) came back much too soon, while we have been waiting for years for the really classy ones to make a comeback.

But thanks be to whatever fashion deities rule the Mount Olympus of style, because flapper chic is finally coming back into the mainstream.

Check out, for instance, this gorgeous Depression Chic piece from Alberta Ferretti — can you get more glamourous?  While this might seem as far from the Depression Era as you can possibly get, I must invite all of you to both read (or reread, as it were) The Great Gatsby and to see the film version starring Robert Redford and Mia Farrow.  During the Depression, the privileged women wore such decadent garments as this

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