Scarlet, Cherry, Carmine, Ruby: They Are All In Style!

Scarlet, Cherry, Carmine, RubySpring is a time for color and that all holds true whenever you are dealing with makeup.  Personally, I think that makeup is something that changes over time and over the seasons and while in the summer the red lip might not be popular, during the spring it is going to be!  Whether you are looking for Scarlet, Cherry, Carmine, Ruby – all of these colors are in style this season and it does not matter which brand you get, as long as it is red!

Personally, I love the classic red lip.  I think that it looks incredible, is absolutely appealing in all of the right ways and if you do it right and pick the right shade for your skin tone; you can definitely attract some incredible men … or women if you like.

So come on, pull out your little black dress and pair it with some red lips!

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