Bangle Bracelets: They Are All The Rave This Spring Season!

bengles090223_560Honestly, in this day and age, fashion is something that is constantly changing and it only makes since that the fashion accessories themselves would change as well and they did!  Take the spring hot accessories – they are hot but do they really go with anything?  Bangle bracelets is what I am talking about and I am not talking about the thin ones either, the bigger and wider the better.

The material and/or fabric that the bangle bracelet is made out of makes a huge difference too, leather and beads are very in nowadays but if you are looking for fabric, you can get one – just make sure that it is pretty wide and pretty huge and you should really be in fashion.

So do I like this fashion trend for the spring? Hell no!  I think that giant bangle bracelets looks freakin’ stupid, but I want to make sure that all of you are up to date on all that is going on in the fashion world!

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