Christian Lacroix Will Fight For His Fashion House!

Christian Lacroix

In this economy, fashion designers and fashion in general is definitely struggling, but one designer that is definitely fighting for his couture house is Christian Lacroix.  This particular designer has pledged to fight to the hilt in order to maintain his fashion house and while there are a lot of things to consider, Christian Lacroix is definitely one hell of a fighter and a designer.

In Christian Lacroix’s couture house, there are over 100 employees, all who are in fear for their jobs but Christian is definitely one that plans to keep the fight going until there is absolutely no reason to anymore.  While there has been a sharp turn down for the luxury items, Christian is thinking about changing up the way that he designs.

There is a restructuring plan in action right now and do not worry – Christian will always be designing and there is absolutely no reason why you should think that his house will be closing for good!

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