Jason Wu Resort 2010: His Collection Rocks!

Jason Wu Resort 2010 Collection Show, NY

It has to be said that Jason Wu is definitely the latest and greatest up and comer and his newest collection is absolutely breathtaking!  Jason showed his new collection in NY just yesterday and I have to say that the fashion show rocked and there were a ton of different pieces that were absolutely incredible!  The folds of the fabric were great, the sexy necklines were apparent and there are a heck of a lot of drapes and pleats to talk about.

Jason Wu really understands a woman’s need to be able to go from day to evening with just a few twists and turns of the fabric.  It is all about comfort and finding exactly what the all America girl wants in his collection and if you see it – you know.

There were a ton of different colors that were there everything from rainbow pleats all the way to electric blues and greens and they were all totally worth the wait!

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