Roberto Cavalli’s Little Black Dress

It’s not little in the way you might be thinking it is little.  It is not a little black dress.  It’s more like a … Little Black Dress.  All capital’s.  You need them to help cover up some of the skin this dress reveals:

I think that might be Kate Moss — everybody knows her by her panties by now.  But, you know, I don’t care.  This is definitely not the kind of dress I myself would ever wear.  Ever, ever, ever.  Even if I looked like this model who looks like — and might be — Kate Moss, I still wouldn’t have the cajones.  I couldn’t possibly have the cajones; you could see them through this dress.

But, you know, I’d dream of wearing this dress, and I would immediately love anyone else I saw wearing it.  I think Roberto Cavalli is to women what Alexander McQueen is to men.  In fact, McQueen should design some suits to complement this dress.

Anyway, point being: I should not love this.  But I do.  I love the sheer fabric, I love the ruffles, and I love the wicked femininity it inspires.

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