Oh My Goth, Not Again!

rodarteRodarte.  Givenchy.  Yves Saint Laurent.  Tao.  Chanel. John Galliano.  What do these designers have in common?  That their labels are truly designer, the essence of couture.  That they are innovative, unique, and unfailingly edge.  That they never fail to think outside the box of haute couture fashion.

All of those things are true.  It is also true that they are each incorporating a dark, decadent gothic trend into their collections for this season.

Some of them — such as Rodarte, seen here — are going for a more industrial feel, hence the leather, the chains.  This is Deconstructed Goth, full of fishnet and ripped clothing.  Givenchy’s look is a bit like that, but not to the extreme seen in Rodarte.  The others, most notably Galliano, Chanel, and Tao — are going for a much more romantic feel.  It is a decadent, antiquated goth, a bit Victorian in nature.

I never would have thought it possible, that I’d enjoy seeing this trend again, but done up the couture way, it is quite literally breathtaking.

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