Matthew Williamson for H&M: He’s Designing For The Best!

Matthew Williamson for H&M Spring/Summer 2009

If you are one of the many fans of Matthew Williamson and you worship all of his clothing, then you should definitely check out H&M this spring/summer, for he is designing some of the latest and greatest trends that you absolutely have to have!  I swear, I think that Matthew Williamson is by far one of the best designers in the world and I think that he is going to be iconic one of these days.

H&M, while most people do not exactly shop there, if you want Matthew Williamson this year, you are going to have to take a step in there.  I mean, honestly, take a look at these two pieces that he did for spring and summer – personally, I am in love with them!

So go to H&M and get yourself some Matthew Williamson, you’ll love it and his clothing will last you forever!  Seriously!

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