Agent Provocateur: This Lingerie Designer Branches Out!

Agent Provocateur

Okay, so I have to admit that I have done quite a few posts on other blogs about Agent Provocateur and he is by far my favorite lingerie designer in the world!  So I had to throw something of his up here for all of you to see!  These stockings to me are incredible.  They definitely look sexy and they are totally freakin’ awesome!  To me — Agent Provocateur out did himself when he came out with these, but that it just me.

One of the latest trends that I’ve noticed latest is wearing your lingerie as outer clothing instead of under your clothes and these stockings are a perfect example of why you should absolutely wear your lingerie over your clothes!  They look incredible, are fun, flirty and all around beautiful!

So keep up the trend and definitely make sure that you look at some of Agent Provocateur’s latest and greatest collections of lingerie!

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