Ethnic Trend: Are You Down With It?

Clothing Trends

So really, I had no idea exactly what an ethnic trend would be considered but it look likes it has.  These are the latest and ‘greatest’ fashions for this spring and honestly … really, I do not think that I agree with them at all.  There are a ton of different themes that I have absolutely fallen head over heels for and this is just not one of them.  Christopher Kane is the designer to blame for half of these, but that’s okay!  I don’t really plan on blaming him.

I guess I would be okay with half of the trend of they all just did not look freakin’ stupid!  I mean the gold and blue ‘dresses’ look like sacks and the leopard print thing paired with that ‘skirt’ is absolutely terrible!  So to be honest, I do not think that this is the greatest trend in the world.

However, there are some things nice to say about it and I think that the fact that there are some bold colors in there says a lot!

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