Katy Perry Creates Her Own Line: For Fashion Against AIDS

Katy Perry

So really, I have to be honest, I am a chick that loves Katy Perry.  I think that she is a rock star in her own right and I definitely think that she has what it takes to rule this world.  I love her style, her fashion sense and really – really everything about this chick and when I found out that she is actually quite the fashion buff and she created her own line for Fashion Against AIDs, well that made me love her all that much more!

She is one of those girls that you would think that she wouldn’t be into fashion at all – but she definitely is and she actually thinks of herself as a ‘girly girl’, which is kinda crazy.  So if you are looking for something that is different and totally off the wall, you should absolutely check out Katy’s signature line.

I’m sure that you will fall for it just like I did!  It … truly is incredible dudes and chicks!

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