Axno Bulletproof Clothing: Are You Daring?

So we all know that bulletproof clothing is usually drab and it certainly does not look like Anglia Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith right?  Well now you can get your daring side fashioned up too with Axno bulletproof clothing!  Whether you are looking for a fight or you just want to look cool.  While this clothing may be bulletproof, it is also something fashionable and that is what matters right?

This clothing was tested against all sorts of bullets and they all just bounced off of these incredible perfect looking coats and vests.  Now women, these pieces of clothing are not just for you, Axno has taken it to the next level and has created men’s and women’s wear in this clothing.

You would think that bulletproof clothing is also something that is very heavy weight … not anymore!  Axno fixed that problem as well and has made these jackets incredibly lightweight and they have all sorts of room to breath and move.  Sounds great right?

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