Alexander Amosu: Check This Suit Out!

Most Expensive Suit

Alexander Amosu is a designer that I had never really heard of until I saw that he designed the most incredible and expensive suit in the world!  This suit is by far one of the best on the market too, but with the price tag of over one hundred thousand dollars, I do not think that I will be purchasing this suit anytime soon.

Now, you are probably wondering exactly what makes this suit so expensive and why anyone … in the world would purchase something this expensive.  Well, what makes this suit different from all of the others is the fact that beautiful and took over 80 hours to make … by hand.  This suit was entirely crafted by hand and it is made from Vicuna, which is a very rare and wild South American animal which is related to a camel.

This incredible animal only produces enough wool for shearing about every three months and it is by far the most expensive wool in the world.  This suit also features over five thousand stitches and there are also diamonds incorporated into the buttons.  Now do you want it?

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