Handbags For Spring: Check Them Out!


It is pretty obvious that when the springtime rolls around, it is time to break out the accessories and honestly, handbags are certainly some of the best accessories in the world.  Take this beautiful looking Christian Dior handbag.  The shine of the leather, the color and certainly the way it looks all just scream springtime and honestly, if you are a chick that is into fashion – you need to pick up this bag!

This is one of the many bags in Christian’s spring collection and to be quite frank, I think I might end up getting this bag simply because it does look so freakin’ cool.  The colors … while not my favorite, I can live with, but what really draws me to this bag is going to be the handle.

I am absolutely in love with the handle on this bag!  So the next time you are looking for a handbag for the springtime, you should absolutely check out this little beauty!

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