Giorgio Armani: Flowing Gowns Are In For Spring!


Whenever I think of a flowing gown, I usually picture a renaissance festival, with a bunch of medieval people prancing around pretending to be lady’s and lords.  This dress though certainly does not make me think about that.  This incredible flowing dress is really made for any body type and it certainly looks like it is incredibly comfortable while still being extremely fashionable.

This is the latest from Giorgio Armani and it is from his spring collection.  Honestly, this model, whoever she is, is really selling that dress and while I am not her size, I might end up getting that dress just because it looks so incredible!  One thing that I love about it is the colors.  Spring is all about colors that are soft and that pop and this dress has them all!

The soft pinks, blues and purples are some of the best colors in the world and to be honest, I did not think that a flowing gown like this could look that good but Giorgio got it right!

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