Makeup For This Season: Spring Is Coming Up!

Microsoft Word - NARS Spring 2009 press file

One of the biggest things that people forget when they think of fashion is going to be makeup!  Cosmetics are honestly what pulls an entire look together and if you are not the type of person that wears a lot of makeup, that’s okay!  You just need to wear a little bit and keep with the season and you’ll see just how beautiful you really, really can be!  Honestly!  Makeup for this season, with spring rapidly approaching is going to be light, airy and definitely jam-packed with colors!

Take this picture for example; this picture is just one of the many looks that people are looking to achieve in spring, the colors just pop, the beautiful way her lips look and the eye shadow just tugs this entire look together!

This look is not very hard to achieve and it is definitely worth it on all counts!  The reds and pinks are very in this season and if you have yet to get your makeup for spring, you should invest in some of these colors!

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