The Gap: Check Out What’s New!


So I have to say that I love it when girls wear things that are not only slightly too big for them, but also when they have that ‘bad ass’ attitude.  This is what the Gap’s new line looks like, it is a series of khakis redone up in silk and cotton jersey, fine-gauge stripped cardigans, pocket tees that are trimmed in ruffles and slim, rolled up jeans that are in all sorts of different colors.

What many people do not realize is that there is an actual designer behind all of the Gap’s clothing and his name is Patrick Robinson.  This incredible designer is the one that wants his customers to be able to mix and match all sorts of items form the Gap, so they can come up with their own style yet still be wearing his clothing!

So as you can see from this incredible outfit, he has definitely done his job and this chick has really made this style her own – and it looks great!  So the next time you are in the Gap, go ahead and mix and match some clothing, you will definitely see a difference and make it your own!

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