Benjamin Cho: Definitely Hot This Spring!


When it comes to spring, all that I think about is the colors, the beautiful fabrics and the fact that I can finally put the boots, coats, scarves and layers of clothing away.  That is what Benjamin Cho did in this spring collection.  This incredible collection is an assortment of body-con mini-dresses, skinny pants and off-the-shoulder shirts and dresses.  The beauty of these pieces, this one in particular is honestly breathtaking and I have to say that this outfit screams spring!

Not only is the model really selling this particular outfit, but I have to say that the color choice that Ben picked in beautiful, the way that the skirt flows and the shirt ties in looks great and overall, I give this incredible outfit a ten!

So if you are looking for some incredible pieces for your spring wardrobe, you should definitely check out Benjamin Cho’s spring collection, I can promise that you are going to love it and see that he really did capture the essence of spring in his clothing!

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