New York Fashion Week: It’s Over!

Well folks, unfortunately New York Fashion Week is over and if many of you were keeping up with the times, you would know that this amazing week and simply that, amazing.  There really were some incredible things at this show and while this amazing piece is just one of them, all of the tents at Bryant Park were filled to the brim with everyone from Lindsey Lohan all the way to Mel Gibson!

Celebrities are just some of the people that flock to New York Fashion Week, there are also the devoted fans and honestly, if you are a fan of Project Runway, you definitely want to make sure that you make the trip next year to Fashion Week – that way maybe you can see all of those beautiful clothes even before the series goes on the air!

While this piece is not (I don’t think!) from one of the Project Runway contestants, it is definitely one piece that is beautiful and has 2009 written all over it!

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