China Fashion Week: Enjoy This Little Number!


Now honestly, I have never been one for fashion weeks, but I am slowly but surely changing my opinion and I am definitely switching over to the dark side!  This piece is beautiful.  Honestly, I don’t think that there could be a prettier piece in the entire world.  The detailing on this amazing looking dress is simply incredible and while this is the first piece that I have seen out of the collection, I have to say that I want more!

While this piece was shown at the 2008 China Fashion Week, I have to say that if I was to go to a fashion week in the future, this one would be it, especially if they hold talented designers like the one that designed this beautiful piece!  While personally, I have no idea who designed this piece, I just think the fit, feel, color scheme and definitely the lines on it are absolutely breathtaking!

So if you happen to get a chance to go to fashion week in China, you should go!  Especially if there is quality like this available!

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