London Fashion Week: These Outfits Are Crazy!


Now, we all know that haute couture is supposed to be a little bit off the wall, kind of crazy and definitely not wearable for the everyday person, but when I saw some of these outfits, I really had to sit down and think about it!  I mean, honestly!  These outfits are certainly out there and definitely worth seeing in a show and that is exactly why they were shown at London Fashion Week!

As you can probably tell, New York Fashion week is coming up and well, I just wanted to go through some of the other fashion weeks to prepare you for New York Fashion Week, as we all know that NYFW is one of the biggest things in the world!  Now, the London fashion week honestly kind of scares me but hey, if you are looking for a Halloween costume, you could definitely find one there!

However, if you do ever get a chance to see a Fashion Week, even if it is just New York, you should definitely go – they are incredible and honestly a once in a life time experience.

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