Paris Fashion Week: It Is All About The Glitz!


When it comes to Paris Fashion Week, everything needs to be bigger, better and certainly all glam and that is one of the main reasons why glitter is all in folks!  Honestly, glitter is hot and in Paris, especially at fashion week, there is nothing but glitter and glitz to be seen!  Whether the glitter is in the clothing or on the eyes, glitter is going to be hot this year!

That does not mean that you need to look like a drag queen though!  Many drag queens like to glitz is up quite a big and add on a huge amount of glitter onto their faces.  You certainly do not have to do that but if you are looking to add in some spice to your fashion, maybe just a few dots of glitter would be a great idea!

Glitter can be found anywhere and one of the best colors to use is white or colorless, that way you can put on your eye shadow or lip color and add in the white or colorless glitter for a flawless look!

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