Marc Jacobs’ Hall of Mirrors


Recently, Marc Jacobs unveiled his new Spring 2009 collection of clothing.  Before we get to the specifics of that (you can take the time to marvel over one of the whopping fifty four pieces of the line, which is pictured above), let’s talk a little bit about Marc Jacobs himself.  He has always been a popular designer, but within the last few years, he has become popular among a whole new group and class of people.  This is primarily due to the fact that his clothing collections are becoming more and more ready to wear, so you can put them on right off the rack.  You might take a look at the above pic, though, and wonder how, exactly, anything like that could be sold as ready to wear.  Well … just come along with me for a sec.

Marc Jacobs’ new collection is nothing less than eclectic.  It is like country mouse meets city mouse with more than a little bit of 50s glamour thrown in.  If you take a look at the pieces in this collection you will notice how very well they separate.  That is, the individual pieces which comprise each outfit can easily be sold as separates.  You might not think of wearing this particular outfit out to work, but what if you could buy the skirt and pair it with a simple white shirt?  What about the golden rod sweater with a pair of jeans?

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