John Galliano: All the Colors of the Rainbow


Ah, John Galliano.  He has been making many, many men and women happy throughout the years — and his clothes are great, too!  Ha ha, just kidding!  But honestly, he has outdone even himself with his Spring 2009 collection.  It is very, very … interesting.  Usually that is what we say when we mean that something is dreadful, but in this case, it is the complete truth.  John Galliano’s clothing may not be as “ready to wear” as what Marc Jacobs designed in his collection, but when you have such a colorful line, well, who really cares?  You can always count on Galliano to take some serious risks, and when it comes to his Spring line, he definitely does not disappoint.

Literally all the colors of the rainbow are represented somewhere in Galliano’s Spring line.  Ignoring the … unique head gear here, this line is incredibly sleek, chic, and sophisticated.  You can easily see the kind of eccentric quirkiness you expect from Galliano, but there is also an elegance which cannot be denied.  It is hard to believe that so colorful a line could still be so sophisticated, but come on, this is John Galliano we are talking about!

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