Paging Madonna: Pull Out those Ripped Tights!


This winter and spring, we can look forward to a lot of blasts from the past when it comes to fashion.  In particular, a lot of the fashion trends we … “enjoyed” in the 80s will be making a comeback in the upcoming seasons.  I know, I know — most of us are left wondering why and hoping that overalls and tie dyed tee shirts will not be included in that comeback.  Some aspects of style need to stay one hit wonders.  However, those of you who used to be enormous Madonna fans back when she was still a Material Girl are going to want to keep reading…

…so that you can rejoice in the reemergence of ripped stockings.  Oh yeah.  If you have a pair of pantyhose with tons of runs or some ripped up black tights you’re still hanging onto, haul them out of your drawers, there is a place for them.  Specifically, when you pair them with short skirts and chunky, clunky shoes, you’ll be able to make a serious splash on the style scene.  And really, of all the 80s trends which could possibly come out of hiding, this one isn’t half so bad.  The whole ragged waif look has always been a winner.  Just make sure you don’t start spending a fortune buying ripped up stockings at the store.  You can do it yourself at home!

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